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One Good Thing About Rain

Well, the one good thing about all the rain in B.C…

… is all the luscious green!

And that’s it. ‘Cause I literally got eaten alive by mosquitoes doing this shoot last Friday.

And I nearly died in hot yoga tonight. (OK, maybe died is a little dramatic… It felt awful though!) The room wasn’t even that hot, but it was so humid that the sweat was literally pouring from me. I was like a slip-and-slide in triangle pose — and normally I have no problems keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground.


As much as I love hot yoga and make a huge effort to go (mostly to get my money’s worth out of an unlimited membership), I hated every minute of it tonight. I know everyone has days where they don’t feel so great in the workout department… Today was mine. Too sweaty! On a positive note, I probably got a wicked facial from sweating my arse off like that! *Sigh…* There’s always a positive to working-out. 🙂

Now, here’s a positive… If you like movies (WHO DOESN’T), check out this wicked giveaway on Lauren’s blog. Dooooo it!!

Are there any workouts you have a love-hate relationship with?

I normally love-hate running, and looooooove yoga, but tonight was obviously an exception.