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This Scares Me

My 2012 is beginning… Now. I was too tired from night shiftin’ to make resolutions on the 1st. So here it goes, the few resolutions I’ve made for myself to ring in the New Year!

Get My Bootay Back to Bikram!
I miss practicing yoga more than anything! It’s been a few months, and I’m craving the regular sweat seshs. I need to make time in my life for this. I feel my absolute healthiest when I’m regularly in the hot room!

Camel, I’m coming back for you!

Go Gail Vaz Oxlade with My Finances
I’m awfully dependent on my debit card. I need to break this habit and get used to taking out set amounts of cash each month and spending from that. Hopefully this will also help control “mindless” spending, which happens when I use my debit card to purchase something, and then when I’m going over my accounts at the end of the week, I’m looking at the purchase wondering “when did I buy that?” Ya, not good!

My other finance-related goal is to not accumulate any debt while going to school. Thankfully I have been saving up for awhile, but pursuing studies means I still have to stick to a budget!

Take a Vacation!
I haven’t taken time off to do anything fun in over a year. Sometime in the second half of this year I want to do a little traveling. I’m undecided where, but it definitely won’t be Vegas! Am I the only twenty-something who has zero interest in going to Vegas?! Probably…

Run a Marathon
I haven’t written about my half-marathon experience because it sucked. It was the worst run I’ve ever done for two reasons.

First off, I had begun experiencing pain in my ankle about a week or two before the race. I was like, ahhh hell no! I’m running this race. Eff off! But it didn’t. And so I’ve been out of the running game, dealing with a very swollen ankle and foot.

It’s kind of got in the way of running for the past six weeks, big time!

Secondly, my bowels started bugging me the night before my run. Stomach aches are pretty normal for me unfortunately. Thank-you gluten intolerance and IBS! But when I woke-up the next morning with what I like to refer to as “gut rot,” I knew this wasn’t just a tummy ache that was going to go away. At one point I had to spend nearly 7 minutes in the outhouse during the race. Yaaaaaaaaaaa, TMI?! Sorry…

So I didn’t exactly cross the finish line with the time I was aiming for or the euphoric feeling I was hoping to experience. I crossed the finish line completely concerned with where the closest washroom was and how quickly I could get there. Regardless, my “crappy” experience made me realize (a) I want to give racing another go, but (b) I need to train smarter the next time around.

I’m excited to get “back on my feet” and train smart VERY, VERY SOON.

Vancouver, I’m talking ’bout you!

Be Open to New Relationships
This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships, although I want to be open to the prospect of *maybe* meeting someone. I don’t know if this is the year for it, but if it comes my way, I won’t complain!

This is more about being open to new friendships. In the past year, I’ve been pretty selective who I let in my life, probably as a protective mechanism. I’m at a point now where I’m ready to open myself. Meeting new people is exciting, especially when I realize how many kick ass peeps are out there! Let’s make friends!!

Do Anything and Everything That Scares Me
Somersaults (I’m irrationally scared of snapping my neck doing one). Bungee jumping. Swimming in the ocean. Trying out CrossFit. If it scares me, I’m doing it!


So, that’s it for 2012! My resolutions are pretty simple (I think), but they are important things I want to see happen in the next year. They’re also things that are going to take me outside my comfort zone!

Do you have any resolutions that you find “scary” or that will push you out of your comfort zone?


Running Pet Peeves

CAUTION: This post contains 6 swear words. Proceed at your own risk.


Over the course of half-marathon training, I’ve become aware of things that I need to have a successful run. 2-4 of my favourite tunes “at the moment” playing on repeat throughout the run. My bangs pushed out of my face. A good pair of running socks on my feet.

I’ve also become aware of things that annoying the living sh*t out of me when I’m trying to maintain my running headspace. I’m sure we all have our own little running “pet peeves.” Here are mine:

1. Dogs

I’m terrified of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs… If it barks, I get scared.

Running down back country roads, I’ve come across quite a few dogs. The majority of them are either chained up or fenced in. Regardless, they all bark when I’m running by, and my heart never fails to race as I wait to see if I’m about to be chased down by a rabid canine.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore animals! And there’s really no way around this because people have dogs, and as long as they aren’t running free, it’s really not a problem. But the barking still gets me everytime!

2. Words of Encouragement

I don’t mind when I’m running a race, and someone hoots or hollers, or yells out a “good job!” But I’ve had people slow down in their cars, roll down the window, and say “good for you! GOOD FOR YOU!”

I know you’re trying to be encouraging, but could you please roll-up your window and STFU. I’m in my f*ckin’ ZONE! If I wanted inspiration, I would switch the song to J. Bieb’s “Never Say Never” or something else “inspiring” and “motivating” (i.e. probably Celine Dion). I don’t need your ass slowing down to 10km/hour and whispering what you think are sweet words of encouragement. My mom told me not to talk to strangers, so how about you just honk some encouragement and not have me thinking I’m about to get kidnapped… K THANKS!


You know when your pants slither down your hips while you are moving?! Does this happen to anyone else?!

I do have one pair of Lulu running capris that don’t find their way down my hips because they have a drawstring, but constantly having to tug your pants up while running gets to be bloody annoying! (I read somewhere this is caused by pants being too small, and somewhere else I read it’s from pants being too big… Erm, let’s just find a happy medium and say they don’t fit properly?)


Really?! While I’m a sweaty mess?! REALLY?!


My f*ckin’ intestines and all their sensitivities (i.e. Celiac, possible lactose-intolerance, query IBS). I have to be careful running in the morning because if natures calls and I’m 10km from home with no rest stop in sight, I am hooped.



Question for all runners, joggers, walkers, whatever you wanna call yourselves…
What are your running pet peeves?

99 Problems & My Toe is One

When I started training for a half-marathon, I knew my body would take a bit of a beating over the course of my training.

What I didn’t know about were all the “runner’s problems” that could possibly happen to my body. Little nuisances I’d never even heard of!

Blisters. In places you never thought you could get them. Like under your toenails… WTF?!

Chafing. I’ve got a poppin’ booty, but never did I ever think I could chafe in my bootay crevasses.

Apparently this is actually a common phenomenon amongst runners – I looked into it, and I got A LOT of results via Google. But it really seems to be an elephant in the room… I guess runners don’t really like to talk about it.

Well, I have no shame. I work in health care, and there is a proven correlation between my line of work and my lack of shame. So, allow me to discuss.

When getting out of my ice bath after Saturday’s long run, I discovered that I had a boo-boo to my bootay.

Not my butt… It’s J.Lo’s. Source.

Apparently chafing between the cheeks is quite common. I mean, over the course of a 2 or more hour run, it’s pretty likely your cheeks will rub together at some point. I get it.

But, chafing in the booty undercarriage?! How does that even happen?! Has that, by any chance, happened to anyone else out there?

Losing toenails.

I’m in the process of losing one. It’s about halfway separated. I’m trying to use my nursing superpowers to keep from losing the whole nail.

Nursing Superpowers = Band-Aids

Let’s be realistic here. These really are minor injuries, not anything to deter me from continuing with marathon training. In fact, in a sick and twisted way, these things sort of make me feel “hardcore.” But since I’m fairly new to this whole long-distance training thing, I’m just curious… Has anyone else experienced any interesting running related boo-boos?

A Weekend of Runs

Saturday afternoon, I set out on a 20.58 km run – the longest run I’ve done in my life so far, and the longest run I will do before my first 21.1 km.

Yay for tapering!!

Tunes that Kept Me Moving:

“Can’t Be Tamed” – Miley Cyrus

Don’t. Even. Ask.

“More” – Usher

Fuel that Kept Me Going:

This was my first time bringing fuel along with me… And good thing I’m getting into the habit after crashing on my long run last week! There wasn’t much of a selection at my usual grocery store, so I picked up this PowerBar Double Shot Latte to try. It wasn’t great. It was very sweet, to the point of being nauseating, but it did do the trick. I stopped around 9 km and 14 km to take a bit of the shot, and it definitely kept me fueled the whole way.

The run was a loop that ran through 3 parts of town. Part of the run felt unsafe – there was no sidewalk or curb for about 5 km, and I had to run into a ditch at one point to avoid a tractor!

But aside from dodging tractors, it was perfect weather to run in, and gave me the confidence that I can finish the 21.1 km!

After my long run, I soaked in an ice bath and refueled with a sushi dinner.

Yesterday, I set out bright and early for a slow and easy 7 km jog. This jog is part of our Run for Starbucks series – set-out on an early morning run, go for coffee afterwards. My treat was a tall no-whip soy pumpkin spice latte that was the bomb!

This was a hard run ’cause I was so stiff. I don’t know whether I should’ve taken a rest day instead, but I do feel a bit looser after yesterday’s run. I’m definitely taking a rest day now, my muscles are begging for it!

After that run, I stopped by the store to purchase a new pair of runners. Pretty exciting since I haven’t replaced mine since April.

I’m in love.


Do you use gels, shot blocks, or any sort of carbohydrate replenishers or electrolyte replacements when you do long runs? What are your favourites?

Small City Girl

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Can’t believe another weekend has come and gone. My Saturday and Sunday were very laidback. Exactly what I needed after a crazy work week!

My Friday night on the other hand, was a little more eventful. I went with one of my girlfriends to the LMFAO and Ke$ha concert.

When I say our evening was nothing short of crazy, I mean it.

  • Witnessed domestic abuse a couple rows down from us. Thank goodness the police were there! So awkward and disturbing to see in a public place.
  • Had a beer thrown at me.
  • I ran off to the washroom in the middle of the concert (and to give my lungs a break from the plumes of pot smoke that kept blowing down from above), and apparently two seconds after I vacated my seat, a major fight broke out in the row above. I came back to find the arena hosts cleaning-up all sorts of fight debris from our row.
  • Ke$ha ended the concert by yelling at us all to “get laid.” Errr, ok…

The night overall was a crazy experience for this small city girl! I was so happy to get back to my small city apartment and snuggle up in my bed, where I was safe from flying plastic cups of beer!

Moving onto this week, I have a few “exciting” plans on the agenda, including:

  • A gluten-free baking class.
  • Jersday dinner with the BFF.
  • Shopping in Seattle this weekend.
  • A running race this weekend.

For the race this weekend, I have a choice between a 5K and a 10K. The distance I’ll end up doing ultimately depends on how ambitious I’m feeling come the end of the week. However, I’ve never run a 5K race; whereas I’ve ran plenty of 10K runs.

Which race would you go for – a “speedy” 5K run or “go the distance” with a 10K?


Check out my new page! 101 in 1001, which features 101 goals I’ve set-out to accomplish in roughly 2.75 years (or 1001 days)… Fun stuff!