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Brand New

The blog name has officially been changed!

… That only took me a week.

Actually, making a blog header that I liked took a week. I went through many, many drafts. I struggled through many hours with Photoshop. And in the end, I settled with the most simple design I came up with… Go figure!

Anyways, onto today’s eats!

I was a little rushed this morning, so I brought breakfast to work with me.

A banana, gluten-free instant oatmeal, and a coffee with a touch of skim milk.

For the past month I’ve been skipping breakfast. Why-oh-why?! Even just eating a breakfast thrown together before heading out the door made me feel so much better than dealing with a growling tummy all morning!

I don’t ever eat oatmeal, and this gluten-free one reminded me a lot more of Cream of Wheat than actual oatmeal. And, it was super bland! I know the healthy living blog world is full of oatmeal love, so I’m going to have to get more creative and bring some yummy toppings with me to spice these “oats” up.

When noon rolled around, I headed home, broke-out the blender, and made myself a “bad boy” green monster.

This one is packed with an overflowing handful of spinach, chocolate almond milk, and lots of hazelnut butter and ground flax.

I’ve got a few more hours of work on the agenda, and Jerzday dinner tonight. Hope you’re all enjoying your Thursday!

What are your favourite oatmeal toppings?