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Wine Whine

This weekend I ventured 8-hours out of town to visit family.

On the way back yesterday, my mom & I made a stop at the Nk’mip Cellars in Osoyoos, B.C. to try some of their wines and stop for lunch.

I’d been to the cellars before with some coworkers on a business trip, but since my mom had never been, we thought it’d be a fun stop to relieve some of the stress that arose that morning (i.e. lost keys, eek!).

My mom & I were just focused on enjoying ourselves… I guess we weren’t taking the whole wine tasting experience all that seriously, and hell, we’re not wine connoisseurs! I was shocked that the women pouring behind the counter were so condescending toward us! At no point were we rude or belligerent… I guess they just found us to be “annoying” tourists?! I had asked a few questions because I enjoy learning about wines, and was met with an attitude that my questions were a waste of their time to answer. Although the wine was good, the way we were treated by the Nk’mip staff left a sour taste in our mouths. I still left with two bottles of wine (totalling over $50), and instead of focusing on the negatives of the experience, plan to give one of the bottles to a friend of mine who loves the winery, and another I plan to share with some dinner guests I’ll be having over soon. 🙂

We quickly shook the experience we had inside the cellar off, and headed outside to their beautiful patio for lunch. Talk about a stunning view!

I enjoyed the Wild Line Caught BC Sockeye Salmon, on top of a summer bean and herb salad and local seasonal vegetables.

This was definitely one of those “I dug right into my meal, but just realized I wanted to take a picture of it first” pictures. Haha, it happens!

It was such a clean and fresh meal compared to what I’d been eating the rest of the weekend. (Talk about roadtrip snacks galore!) As much as I love rice crackers and reading US Weekly, I’m looking forward to a good cleansing week ahead of me!

Question: What is your “go to” meal when having friends over for dinner? Or do you prefer to be adventurous and cook up something new for your guests?

What is your favourite roadtrip snack?