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November Goals – It’s Gonna Be OK

I swear I had more than three goals for this month, but somewhere amidst the chaos of the last nine days, I forgot what they were exactly…

And perhaps I should take it easy on myself this month, rather than expect greatness. I have to move out of an apartment I really, really like at the end of the month because it doesn’t make sense space-wise or financially to stay.

And I’m really struggling with my career. As much as I want to love what I do, I don’t.

I hate knowing I’m burdening my family and my friends with my distress over my job. I know my friends don’t always love their jobs either, but I certainly complain a lot more than all of them combined.

It did hit me the other day that I haven’t had a vacation in over a year. Perhaps not having had anytime to escape from work has not helped matters.

On that train of thought of escapism, I came up with this idea to move away. However; I quickly realized that moving is not necessarily the solution to dealing with my struggles right now. Going through a health scare with my dad really solidified that for me. Escaping is not the answer. If life takes me to another place, than great. But I need to know I’m moving to a new place for the right reasons, like a great new job (or a wealthy sugar daddy). I don’t want to move and have to struggle to find a job, friends, and a place to live in a brand new city all at once. So, I’m staying put where I am for now and just switching homes.

I know I’m going through some weird, mid-20’s crisis. I know it’s not the end of the world. I know I will come out of this and be a stronger, wiser, happier version of myself. For now, I feel that I need to step back and accept less. I need to focus on getting through this rough patch, and “downsizing” my life. Less is more. Focus on the little things that make me feel happy and fulfilled (i.e. eating healthy, running, saving money, soaking up the outdoors), and give up the things that leave me feeling empty inside (i.e. big condo to myself, spending my money on whatever my heart desires, eating to fill a “void” in my life).

In the end, everything will be OK. Right?


Three Goals for November:

(1) Stop being late! Start being on time to things. (Yes work, I’m talking at you…)

(2) Declutter. Get rid of some of my sh*t. (P.O.S. WalMart bookshelf, I’m talking about you…)

(3) Start food journaling again. (Mindless eating habits, I’m talking about you…)


Question: Have you ever gone through a “life crisis?” How did you snap out of it?