This Scares Me

My 2012 is beginning… Now. I was too tired from night shiftin’ to make resolutions on the 1st. So here it goes, the few resolutions I’ve made for myself to ring in the New Year!

Get My Bootay Back to Bikram!
I miss practicing yoga more than anything! It’s been a few months, and I’m craving the regular sweat seshs. I need to make time in my life for this. I feel my absolute healthiest when I’m regularly in the hot room!

Camel, I’m coming back for you!

Go Gail Vaz Oxlade with My Finances
I’m awfully dependent on my debit card. I need to break this habit and get used to taking out set amounts of cash each month and spending from that. Hopefully this will also help control “mindless” spending, which happens when I use my debit card to purchase something, and then when I’m going over my accounts at the end of the week, I’m looking at the purchase wondering “when did I buy that?” Ya, not good!

My other finance-related goal is to not accumulate any debt while going to school. Thankfully I have been saving up for awhile, but pursuing studies means I still have to stick to a budget!

Take a Vacation!
I haven’t taken time off to do anything fun in over a year. Sometime in the second half of this year I want to do a little traveling. I’m undecided where, but it definitely won’t be Vegas! Am I the only twenty-something who has zero interest in going to Vegas?! Probably…

Run a Marathon
I haven’t written about my half-marathon experience because it sucked. It was the worst run I’ve ever done for two reasons.

First off, I had begun experiencing pain in my ankle about a week or two before the race. I was like, ahhh hell no! I’m running this race. Eff off! But it didn’t. And so I’ve been out of the running game, dealing with a very swollen ankle and foot.

It’s kind of got in the way of running for the past six weeks, big time!

Secondly, my bowels started bugging me the night before my run. Stomach aches are pretty normal for me unfortunately. Thank-you gluten intolerance and IBS! But when I woke-up the next morning with what I like to refer to as “gut rot,” I knew this wasn’t just a tummy ache that was going to go away. At one point I had to spend nearly 7 minutes in the outhouse during the race. Yaaaaaaaaaaa, TMI?! Sorry…

So I didn’t exactly cross the finish line with the time I was aiming for or the euphoric feeling I was hoping to experience. I crossed the finish line completely concerned with where the closest washroom was and how quickly I could get there. Regardless, my “crappy” experience made me realize (a) I want to give racing another go, but (b) I need to train smarter the next time around.

I’m excited to get “back on my feet” and train smart VERY, VERY SOON.

Vancouver, I’m talking ’bout you!

Be Open to New Relationships
This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships, although I want to be open to the prospect of *maybe* meeting someone. I don’t know if this is the year for it, but if it comes my way, I won’t complain!

This is more about being open to new friendships. In the past year, I’ve been pretty selective who I let in my life, probably as a protective mechanism. I’m at a point now where I’m ready to open myself. Meeting new people is exciting, especially when I realize how many kick ass peeps are out there! Let’s make friends!!

Do Anything and Everything That Scares Me
Somersaults (I’m irrationally scared of snapping my neck doing one). Bungee jumping. Swimming in the ocean. Trying out CrossFit. If it scares me, I’m doing it!


So, that’s it for 2012! My resolutions are pretty simple (I think), but they are important things I want to see happen in the next year. They’re also things that are going to take me outside my comfort zone!

Do you have any resolutions that you find “scary” or that will push you out of your comfort zone?


8 responses to “This Scares Me

  1. Wait, wait, you’re doing Vancouver marathon? We HAVE to meet-up if you are! Well, we should meet-up when I’m down there regardless!

  2. Which marathon will you be running?? I have been severely neglecting my training/for some reason my running has sucked ass lately. I haven’t made any resolutions yet but I’m sure once I started thinking of some, I’ll throw a few scary/uncomfortable ones in there. Doing things that are out of your comfort zone make you a stronger person. At least I think they do. Definitely do the bungee jumping! I did it a couple summers ago and it was awesome/terrifying. I’ve actually been wanting to do it again and will probably do it sometime this summer. Except instead of doing a tandem jump I miiiight consider solo.

  3. I’ve been doing more and more things that scare me lately, and its making such a huge difference in my life. You definitely won’t regret that.

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