My Trader Joe’s Run Recap

Last night I finally made my way across the border to Trader Joe’s. Normally I try to get down to Bellingham, WA once a month. Sadly my last TJ’s run was a couple months ago.

Sad because it’s less than a hour’s drive one-way. OK, that’s a bit of a ways away round trip, but totally worth it for cheap delicious gluten-free goodness and cheese.

Here are a few of the goodies I picked-up, including a couple new TJ products:

Cocoa Almond Spread

New TJ product! I bought 2 jars. I mean, how can you really go wrong with chocolate nut spreads?!

21 Seasoning Salute

I’ve seen this product throughout the blogging world. Go figure I buy it, yet have no idea what to use it for. Help!

Eggnog Almonds

New TJ product. These are yummy. I can’t get enough of eggnog right now! Starbuck’s (light) eggnog lattes, Booster Juice eggnog smoothies, and now these. 

Any bets on when I will eggnog myself out?!

Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea

Haven’t seen or tried this before. Might be a new TJ product?!

Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee

I tried a bite of this, and found it to be super sweet. I’m not really a fan of sweet, so I will probably pass this on to someone who likes toffee. 🙂

I also picked-up some pantry essentials, like a variety of canned beans (i.e. Garbanzo, black beans), gluten-free brown rice pastas, polenta, and Peanut Butter Panda Puffs cereal. And cheese, of course!

I think my roommates are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of food I added to their pantry, but a gluten-free girl has to stock-up when she gets the chance! Or I may need to add some shelves…


Do you like to keep a fully stocked pantry? Or do you prefer to keep just the bare minimum?


5 responses to “My Trader Joe’s Run Recap

  1. Oooh, all of your new goodies look really good! It sucks you have to drive so far, though. I have a TJ’s and Whole Foods pretty close to me, and I’ve gotten spoiled. Are you close to Seattle? My boyfriend lives up there, and I feel like Bellingham is around there, but I’m not completely sure 🙂

    As for my pantry, I definitely like to keep it stocked! There’s nothing worse than coming home from work with nothing to eat.

  2. When I go to Trader Joe’s I go crazy. I load up on everything because I know I won’t get down there again for awhile.

    The 21 Seasoning Salute goes on EVERYTHING. Seriously, I put it on eggs, veggies, salad, salad dressing, baked potatoes. I dont think you can go wrong with that stuff.

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