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Saturday Dreamin’

Yesterday evening, I went out for a quick 6.5 km run, and was done in 35 minutes. It was fabulous! I felt strong and I ran it fast (well, fast for me)! It’s runs like those that remind me why I enjoy stompin’ the pavement so much.


I’ve spent the morning looking at wedding blogs. Wait a second, who am I? Just six months ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead looking at anything wedding related.

Then, 3 months ago, I turned the big 2-4. And bam! Like a ton of bricks, it hit me. I do want to get married at some point… Shocking!

Now, I’m currently rockin’ a single status, and my “big day” is nowhere in the near future. (And I’m definitely not looking to speed that up, or have a “shotgun situation” if you know what I mean!) But there’s no harm in looking at wedding stuff! After all, my summer is jam-packed full of weddings, and one of my favourite “I can’t help but do it” things is to pick out what I really like about a wedding. The last wedding I went to, just over a week ago, the cake was hands down the winner-winner-chicken-dinner! My little cousin’s wedding is just 2-weeks away, and I’m so excited to see what her and her hubby-t0-be have put together! 

One thing I really love is white bridesmaid dresses.

I know, I know… It’s seen as “bad luck” for anyone other than the bride to be decked out in white. But puh-lease, if your marriage doesn’t work-out, I don’t think it’s because someone other than the bride wore white to the wedding!

In fact, in some countries (like the UK — think the recent royal wedding), it’s traditional for the bridesmaids to be in white. It’s believed that by the bridesmaids wearing white, they help to ward off evil spiritsLike a white army!

I also like the idea of a touch of white in the bridesmaids dresses — keep the bride the center of attention, as she should be!

Another thing I adore…

Fascinators! Those “wacky hats”… Love them! I’m obviously living on the wrong side of the world…

What do you think about bridesmaids or attendees wearing white? A-OK or big NO-NO?!



This Week, In Retrospect

Well, blogging obviously never happened this week…

Not because I had no desire to. I wanted to, but I’ve been absolutely swamped with work!

First off, I was told at the end of last week that my job role would be changing, and I’d be working out of not just one, but two offices now.

There was (and still is) major cleaning to be done at the new office.

I’m definitely the type of person who throws eveeeeeeeeeeeeerything away when I clean. I don’t have any qualms about holding onto things “just in case.” I prefer things around me to be highly organized… “Less is more!”

Errr, I think I had Booster Juice smoothies twice this week.

And fortunately had my roommate to cook me dinner… Yay!

Awesome mango curry!

On Thursday, I attended one of my college roommate’s wedding. It was a great little ceremony at one of the universities in the city, and it was nice to catch-up with a few people I went to school with that I never get to see anymore.

Unfortunately, with the frenzy of going straight from work to the wedding, I forgot to charge my camera, so it pooped out before the reception even began… Bummer!

One of my favourite parts of the wedding was the cake. The bride is gluten-free as well, so they had the cake made by Sweet Tooth Cakery, based out of Vancouver. It was out-of-this-world! Maybe it’s because I haven’t had cake since having to cut gluten out of my life, but I literally inhaled the piece.

… And obviously didn’t get a picture of it. 😉

Yesterday after work, I headed out to take some pictures with one of my good friends who’s working on her portfolio for her website. I got to watch her upload the 200+ shots, and they were amazing!! I’m so excited to share, but I’ve got to be patient and wait for the edits to be done.

I got to chill with this little guy while we went through all the pictures yesterday evening.

I also realized (while photoshooting) that playing “model” attracts a lot of attention from people. Most of the pictures were taken in secluded areas, but we pulled off at the side of the road for a set and also did a few in my neighbourhood, and got a lot of yelling and honking. Umm, ‘cuse me, we’re trying to work here!

Because I’m new to this whole blogging thing, do you find when you’re taking pictures for blogging purposes that it attracts attention from people?

Anyways, the sun is FINALLY shining, so I’m off to enjoy it. 🙂