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New Roommates

After a weekend full of moving and cleaning, I’m so relieved to finally be out of my old place and into my new home! Even if I still have a ton of unpacking to do.

I moved from my pet-less apartment, to a townhouse with two of my good friends and their two little dogs.

I’ll admit, I’ve never really been a fan of dogs. In fact, dogs have always kind of scared me, thanks to my dad who put the fear in me that any dog could potentially bite me and give me rabies. But over the last couple years, I’ve been warming up to them, to the point where I actually like them now. But you can imagine, I definitely never would’ve ever thought I’d find myself living with dogs.

But these guys are pretty funny…


Koni cuddles!

I grew up with cats all my life, so it’s a huge adjustment living with animals that actually want to cuddle up to you.

And who are actually excited to see you when you walk through the door.

But I think I could get used to it. 🙂

Just don’t tell this guy…


The Hotel Life

A big part of my job involves traveling out-of-town for conferences and training. Even though I’m a certified homebody, there are things I enjoy (and things I don’t enjoy so much) about being away from home and living “the hotel life.”

Things I Don’t Like About Traveling for Work:

  • The Food

Conference food is the worst (next to BC Ferry food). It’s like a processed and refined heaven! Which is actually the opposite of heaven for my intestines which can barely tolerate anything I don’t carefully make myself at home. Although they (for the most part) are always very accomodating to my gluten intolerance, I almost always get served meat in place of whatever has gluten. So either I (a) starve, (b) risk some sort of a reaction to a potential gluten containing product, or (c) suck it up and eat meat. And (b) and (c) are not really options.

Actually, I haven’t starved yet… Thank goodness for Starbucks being just a minute away, and for lots of rice and potatoes! Gluten-free goodness!

  •  Hotel Rooms

Are boring. I worked-out twice yesterday just because I was bored out of my mind. If it weren’t for X Factor USA being on last night and tonight, I don’t know what I would’ve done with myself!

  • Sneaky Little Things in the Hotel Room

I arrive to my room. I’m parched from traveling, especially because I drank a whole tumbler of coffee on the road. Oh, but thank goodness there’s this giant bottle of water in the room!

Chug, chug, chug…

Oh. Shoot! That was a friggin’ pricey bottle of water!

Things I Like About Traveling for Work:

  • Being Out-of-the-Office

Sometimes it’s just nice to break the monotony of the usual work week. (Although my job is far from what you might consider “monotomous.”)

  • Ice Machine

Sure comes in handy when you’ve got a bum ankle and foot from running like I do at the moment! Why don’t I have one of these babies at home?!


Ways to Make Work Travels (Just A Bit) More Tolerable:

  • Take the Travel Day OFF WORK

As in, don’t go into the office. Avoid it if you can. I used to travel the morning of the conference, and well, how many people out there have driven into Vancouver from the Fraser Valley? It is a nightmare! Even when I would leave at 5:30 in the morning, I would stroll into the conference 3 hours later. Downtown Vancouver is, at the most, an hour away (in normal traffic conditions). Talk about STRESSFUL!

This was the first conference that I traveled to the day before. Let me just say, it was smooth sailing! No frantic packing (and forgetting a million things), no being stuck in heavy traffic, and no having to brave the 6 am deadlock on Highway 1. Win-win-win!

  • Drink Lots of Water

It actually helps to keep you awake (even in the most dry of presentations). Oh, and if you drink enough, you’ll have to take frequent pee breaks! 🙂

  • Work-Out

Walk on your nutrition breaks, hit up the hotel gym after the conference. Counteract the “culture of food” that seems to be the norm at most conferences with a lil’ bit of activity!


Tomorrow’s my last day in the city, and I’m looking forward to getting back home and finishing my packing… NOT. But I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!


If you have to travel for work, how do you tolerate being away from home?
Do you love it or loathe it?

Go With the Flow

My life has been very busy lately. Juggling work, homework, and my upcoming move has left me with very little time for play. If you hadn’t noticed my lack of posts, or my lack of commenting on your blog posts, it’s not because I fell off the face of the internet. It’s because I just haven’t had the time.

I really cherish the time I have to do things I enjoy.

Going to yoga classes.

Going for long runs.

Making time to see friends.

Making time to blog.

(Are you ready for some whine?) Lately I’ve been frustrated by all the extra time I’ve been spending at work, with no compensation. I’m tired of my commute, which rounds out to just over an hour and a half a day. (Everyone out there who has to commute over an hour to work each day, my condolences. It’s not fun!) I’ve especially been frustrated that I’ve had to put things like running, blogging, and going to yoga, all which I love to do, on the backburner. Really, the only thing I’ve been making time for outside of work is seeing my family. That’s it.

So internally I’ve gone into “fight girl” mode. I’ve been angry, upset, and frustrated that my life has been all work and no play lately. I’ve been trying to fight things that are inevitable, and which I don’t have control over. The only thing I really have control over is how I approach these things, and I’ve been choosing to waste energy having a negative attitude about it.

This is my life right now. Maybe there are a few things I can do to alter the situation a bit, like not staying late at work and organizing myself better at home. This is really difficult since my home is in chaos with me moving in the next couple weeks.

The reality is, this isn’t the rest of my life. This is just my now. Instead of fighting it with negativity, I should really just choose to accept that it is what it is. Instead of fighting what feels like a raging river, I could instead choose to go with the flow. That takes a whole lot less energy, now doesn’t it?

(I know, I just brought physics into my blog post… Geek!)

And what about the little things… Like the crack in my car’s windshield that nearly brought me to the point of a nervous breakdown last week?

Those things happen. And those things are definitely bound to happen when I’m stressing out on my way to work, driving much too fast. I have no control over what flies into my windshield and breaks the glass. I only have control over how I react to it. Sure, there are things I can do to lessen the risk (i.e. slowing down, avoiding driving on gravel roads). But ultimately, my attitude toward what is thrown in my direction is the only thing I have any control over.

I remember in my 9th grade Leadership class, we would read passages from the book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” In my middle school bubble, the idea of not sweating the small stuff really didn’t *click* with me. Life was pretty easy back in the day. What things did I really have to “sweat” about back then? Fast forward 10 years later, and like a brick to the head, the words make sense.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

This too shall pass.

Life is good. Change is going to come, in it’s right time and place. Things may not be perfect right this moment, but really, when will they ever be? This is life. I can’t fight the current right now. I need to let go, and just go with it.

In the end, everything will be OK. If it’s not, it’s not the end… Right?

30 Pictures, 30 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Smile

30 Days, 30 Pictures

When I came across this challenge from PositivelyPresent, I knew I had to do it!

Any excuse to use the Instagram app. LOVE.

Great reminder of all the things I have to be thankful for in my life.

Day 1: Favourite Food

 Can I include drink in this?! At the moment… Tall soy pumpkin spice Caffè Misto. I really should be thankful that I can afford Starbucks once or twice a week!

And no, I didn’t take that picture today… Shoot me!! 😛


… Onto today’s eats (so far)! I’m going to be doing a bit of food journaling the next while to keep me on track with my eating.

Started off with 1, 2, 3 cups of coffee with French Vanilla. Where’s breakfast?! Yeaaaa, oopsie… I didn’t eat it. BIG bad slap on the wrist! Then I dumped half of the 3rd cup out because I was bouncing off the walls.


1/2 of an Apple Pie Larabar I found in my purse for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch was at my favourite “hippy” restaurant in the world.

A side of vegetarian split yellow pea soup.

Rice bowl with slivered almonds.

I severely need to grocery shop tonight, so I’m planning on something packed full of veggies for dinner!


Are you diligent about making sure you eat breakfast?
What’s your favourite food (or drink) at the moment?

November Goals – It’s Gonna Be OK

I swear I had more than three goals for this month, but somewhere amidst the chaos of the last nine days, I forgot what they were exactly…

And perhaps I should take it easy on myself this month, rather than expect greatness. I have to move out of an apartment I really, really like at the end of the month because it doesn’t make sense space-wise or financially to stay.

And I’m really struggling with my career. As much as I want to love what I do, I don’t.

I hate knowing I’m burdening my family and my friends with my distress over my job. I know my friends don’t always love their jobs either, but I certainly complain a lot more than all of them combined.

It did hit me the other day that I haven’t had a vacation in over a year. Perhaps not having had anytime to escape from work has not helped matters.

On that train of thought of escapism, I came up with this idea to move away. However; I quickly realized that moving is not necessarily the solution to dealing with my struggles right now. Going through a health scare with my dad really solidified that for me. Escaping is not the answer. If life takes me to another place, than great. But I need to know I’m moving to a new place for the right reasons, like a great new job (or a wealthy sugar daddy). I don’t want to move and have to struggle to find a job, friends, and a place to live in a brand new city all at once. So, I’m staying put where I am for now and just switching homes.

I know I’m going through some weird, mid-20’s crisis. I know it’s not the end of the world. I know I will come out of this and be a stronger, wiser, happier version of myself. For now, I feel that I need to step back and accept less. I need to focus on getting through this rough patch, and “downsizing” my life. Less is more. Focus on the little things that make me feel happy and fulfilled (i.e. eating healthy, running, saving money, soaking up the outdoors), and give up the things that leave me feeling empty inside (i.e. big condo to myself, spending my money on whatever my heart desires, eating to fill a “void” in my life).

In the end, everything will be OK. Right?


Three Goals for November:

(1) Stop being late! Start being on time to things. (Yes work, I’m talking at you…)

(2) Declutter. Get rid of some of my sh*t. (P.O.S. WalMart bookshelf, I’m talking about you…)

(3) Start food journaling again. (Mindless eating habits, I’m talking about you…)


Question: Have you ever gone through a “life crisis?” How did you snap out of it?

Running Pet Peeves

CAUTION: This post contains 6 swear words. Proceed at your own risk.


Over the course of half-marathon training, I’ve become aware of things that I need to have a successful run. 2-4 of my favourite tunes “at the moment” playing on repeat throughout the run. My bangs pushed out of my face. A good pair of running socks on my feet.

I’ve also become aware of things that annoying the living sh*t out of me when I’m trying to maintain my running headspace. I’m sure we all have our own little running “pet peeves.” Here are mine:

1. Dogs

I’m terrified of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs… If it barks, I get scared.

Running down back country roads, I’ve come across quite a few dogs. The majority of them are either chained up or fenced in. Regardless, they all bark when I’m running by, and my heart never fails to race as I wait to see if I’m about to be chased down by a rabid canine.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore animals! And there’s really no way around this because people have dogs, and as long as they aren’t running free, it’s really not a problem. But the barking still gets me everytime!

2. Words of Encouragement

I don’t mind when I’m running a race, and someone hoots or hollers, or yells out a “good job!” But I’ve had people slow down in their cars, roll down the window, and say “good for you! GOOD FOR YOU!”

I know you’re trying to be encouraging, but could you please roll-up your window and STFU. I’m in my f*ckin’ ZONE! If I wanted inspiration, I would switch the song to J. Bieb’s “Never Say Never” or something else “inspiring” and “motivating” (i.e. probably Celine Dion). I don’t need your ass slowing down to 10km/hour and whispering what you think are sweet words of encouragement. My mom told me not to talk to strangers, so how about you just honk some encouragement and not have me thinking I’m about to get kidnapped… K THANKS!


You know when your pants slither down your hips while you are moving?! Does this happen to anyone else?!

I do have one pair of Lulu running capris that don’t find their way down my hips because they have a drawstring, but constantly having to tug your pants up while running gets to be bloody annoying! (I read somewhere this is caused by pants being too small, and somewhere else I read it’s from pants being too big… Erm, let’s just find a happy medium and say they don’t fit properly?)


Really?! While I’m a sweaty mess?! REALLY?!


My f*ckin’ intestines and all their sensitivities (i.e. Celiac, possible lactose-intolerance, query IBS). I have to be careful running in the morning because if natures calls and I’m 10km from home with no rest stop in sight, I am hooped.



Question for all runners, joggers, walkers, whatever you wanna call yourselves…
What are your running pet peeves?