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Why Must All Good Weekends Come to an End?

This weekend I did a lot of things. Here are just some of the highlights (i.e. things I took pictures of).

I drank a ridiculous amount of hot pumpkin spice coffee.

Thanks to reading blogs, I’ve gone from hater of all things squash to an insatiable fan of pumpkin.

I stood front freakin’ row at a concert.

Death Cab For Cutie

I cleaned. Err, more like I tidied.

I slept in.

And I made tutus.

Like seriously, the easiest craft ever.



Soooo, what did you do this weekend?

Do you love or hate pumpkin?


Small City Girl

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Can’t believe another weekend has come and gone. My Saturday and Sunday were very laidback. Exactly what I needed after a crazy work week!

My Friday night on the other hand, was a little more eventful. I went with one of my girlfriends to the LMFAO and Ke$ha concert.

When I say our evening was nothing short of crazy, I mean it.

  • Witnessed domestic abuse a couple rows down from us. Thank goodness the police were there! So awkward and disturbing to see in a public place.
  • Had a beer thrown at me.
  • I ran off to the washroom in the middle of the concert (and to give my lungs a break from the plumes of pot smoke that kept blowing down from above), and apparently two seconds after I vacated my seat, a major fight broke out in the row above. I came back to find the arena hosts cleaning-up all sorts of fight debris from our row.
  • Ke$ha ended the concert by yelling at us all to “get laid.” Errr, ok…

The night overall was a crazy experience for this small city girl! I was so happy to get back to my small city apartment and snuggle up in my bed, where I was safe from flying plastic cups of beer!

Moving onto this week, I have a few “exciting” plans on the agenda, including:

  • A gluten-free baking class.
  • Jersday dinner with the BFF.
  • Shopping in Seattle this weekend.
  • A running race this weekend.

For the race this weekend, I have a choice between a 5K and a 10K. The distance I’ll end up doing ultimately depends on how ambitious I’m feeling come the end of the week. However, I’ve never run a 5K race; whereas I’ve ran plenty of 10K runs.

Which race would you go for – a “speedy” 5K run or “go the distance” with a 10K?


Check out my new page! 101 in 1001, which features 101 goals I’ve set-out to accomplish in roughly 2.75 years (or 1001 days)… Fun stuff!

Perfect Day of Paddling

A couple friends and I planned a sea kayaking trip earlier this week. Yesterday the sun was shining, and we headed out to one of the most beautiful areas of the city for a perfect day of paddling.

Good friends. Perfect weather. No sunburn.

Only drawback… The parking ticket that was waiting for me after our paddle. Not cool.

… Made all better by tequila and a salted rim.

Weekends shouldn’t have to come to an end.