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99 Problems & My Toe is One

When I started training for a half-marathon, I knew my body would take a bit of a beating over the course of my training.

What I didn’t know about were all the “runner’s problems” that could possibly happen to my body. Little nuisances I’d never even heard of!

Blisters. In places you never thought you could get them. Like under your toenails… WTF?!

Chafing. I’ve got a poppin’ booty, but never did I ever think I could chafe in my bootay crevasses.

Apparently this is actually a common phenomenon amongst runners – I looked into it, and I got A LOT of results via Google. But it really seems to be an elephant in the room… I guess runners don’t really like to talk about it.

Well, I have no shame. I work in health care, and there is a proven correlation between my line of work and my lack of shame. So, allow me to discuss.

When getting out of my ice bath after Saturday’s long run, I discovered that I had a boo-boo to my bootay.

Not my butt… It’s J.Lo’s. Source.

Apparently chafing between the cheeks is quite common. I mean, over the course of a 2 or more hour run, it’s pretty likely your cheeks will rub together at some point. I get it.

But, chafing in the booty undercarriage?! How does that even happen?! Has that, by any chance, happened to anyone else out there?

Losing toenails.

I’m in the process of losing one. It’s about halfway separated. I’m trying to use my nursing superpowers to keep from losing the whole nail.

Nursing Superpowers = Band-Aids

Let’s be realistic here. These really are minor injuries, not anything to deter me from continuing with marathon training. In fact, in a sick and twisted way, these things sort of make me feel “hardcore.” But since I’m fairly new to this whole long-distance training thing, I’m just curious… Has anyone else experienced any interesting running related boo-boos?