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Four Things on Monday Night

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! My evening was pretty tame. I went out for dinner with my parental units, and then retreated back home for the rest of the night.

I have a few things to share tonight. Nothing really significant, other than the fact that I’ll officially be moving out of my apartment soon. Whoops! I was supposed to save that for #3!

1. First off, let’s talk about the fact that my hands look dirty.

No amount of soap, baths, or rubbing alcohol has been able to remove the tan discolouration from my skin. Self-tanner woes! Let this serve as a warning to anyone thinking of using self-tanner in the future: Wash your hands vigorously after application, or you’ll be trying to convince everyone that you’re, in fact, not homeless for the next week.

2. I was a pin-up girl all day long on Halloween. Contrary to popular belief (at my work today), I did not dye my hair, and no, I was not a “movie girl from the 30’s or 50’s.” Those are two completely different decades, people!

Also, why was I the only one who dressed-up at my work? Talk about a serious lack of “holiday” spirit! I had better not be the only “Santa Baby” at Christmas time!

3. I broke my lease on my apartment. I adore my place, but it’s too expensive and impractical for me to have two bedrooms and two bathrooms to myself. So, come December 1st, I’ll be homeless. Boo!

4. Apparently all the money in the world can’t buy those “free in life” things like love and happiness… And that’s all I have to say about those vapid shallow people getting divorced! So people on Twitter, enough about it already! Please and thanks!


Do you have any goals for the new month? (My next post will be November goals, yay!)


One Week to Go

A 5km fun race, lots of “dress-up,” and the last longer distance run before my 1/2 next weekend…

Hamming it up pre-5K in my car.

On Saturday, I did a 5K Halloween-themed race with my best friend. She’s just got into running and is about 6 weeks into her “Couch25K” program. Even though her first official 5km for her program is at the beginning of December, when she told me she was interested in running this race, I was totally game to go with her! I’ve never had anyone to do runs with since my high school cross-country days, so I’m thrilled one of my friends is now interested in signing-up for races.

It was a fairly easy 5km course, other than the roads being super slippery from the rain. I finished in 31:00 – not my best 5km time, but how seriously can you take a race you’re running in a tutu?! 🙂

At one point, a younger runner, dressed-up in head-to-toe black (including his face) ran up to me and said, “no offense, but my whole goal this race is to beat you.”

Beat me he did not! But I appreciate when I’m the one someone is trying to beat, even if it’s an 11-year-old kid…

I went home shortly after the run and had a little dress-up switch-a-roo so I could go out. I was going as Nicki Minaj, hence the “bronzed” skin (which turned out gold-ish), pink hair, and, uhh… Other Nicki Minaj-like features.

Earlier today, I laced up for an 11km run on the country roads. I finally shelled out for a new pair of headphones, which I made sure to coordinate with my running attire. Important details, obviously!

I had a really good run at my half-marathon pace. The first 2km I felt a bit winded and stiff, but it soon passed, and I was running high as a kite on endorphins for the remaining 9 clicks!

This week I’m just planning on doing a few easy, fun runs before Sunday. I honestly cannot believe it’s one week until 1/2 marathon time. I’m just happy I have stayed injury-free! *Knock on wood.*


Any tips from seasoned half-marathoners on what I should and shouldn’t do this week (i.e. runs, nutrition) to prepare for half-marathon Sunday?

Change is Scary

I’m terrified.

All this longing so badly for change. A new job, a new place, a new career direction. Well, it’s all starting to unfold. Job interviews are being lined up, a new place is in mind, and I’m steadily heading towards changing my career (which will ultimately take years, but it’s a step in that direction).

And all of a sudden, I feel as though everything is moving too fast. The change I’ve been longing for is right there in front of me. I just have to reach for it. Yet I feel so hesitant.

Change means a lot of things. It means I have to give up my little home. It means I have to alter my source of income. It means I may have to start anew somewhere without my friends and family close by to support me.

Is it natural to be so full of doubt? To feel scared to move forward? Is there something inside me trying to reign me back for a reason, or is just hesitation because getting the life I want and deserve means leaving behind the life I am comfortable with?

Lately I’ve Been Lovin’

To the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.”

I got my hard drive back (ya)!

Them other techies dunno how to act (ya).

I’m gonna make-up for the time I’ve slacked (ya)

on blogging, so you better watch your back (ya)!

How I’m a nurse and NOT a world renowned songwriter is beyond me…

Yesterday I received my sparkly new hard drive in the mail. It took me the entire evening to figure out how to replace it, and then get it all booted up. But the important thing is (a) I did it all by myself and (b) I have a working Notebook again!

Yay, gold star for me!

Alright, time to talk about what I’m loving at the moment.

1. Lookbook Cookbook

Click here.

Models. Vegan desserts. It’s like Vogue for people who like to eat.

Oh, and the recipe I tried (COCONUT BITES, OHMY) turned out really, really good and were super easy to make. Win-win!

2. Pumpkin Spice Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything

I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin. I’ve always turned my nose up to pumpkin pie. But ever since I stepped out of my Skinny Hazelnut Latte comfort zone a couple weeks ago and ordered a PSL, I’ve been hooked. I’ve found my crack.

Expensive crack at that! I stick with a tall once a week since the one time I ordered a GRANDE soy PSL, it rang up at a whooping $6.10… Eek!! How do my friends afford VENTIS all the time?!

3. NOT Work

Enough said.

4. The X Factor

Although I’m a huge fan of the UK version, which I stream, I’m enjoying the US version too.

But when I say I’m a huge fan of the UK version, I mean, I am in love with all the bat-sh*t-crazy! The US version can’t even compare. Some of the talent is undeniable, and some of it is, well…

 Huge, MASSIVE guilty pleasure!


What are you lovin’ right now?

Why Must All Good Weekends Come to an End?

This weekend I did a lot of things. Here are just some of the highlights (i.e. things I took pictures of).

I drank a ridiculous amount of hot pumpkin spice coffee.

Thanks to reading blogs, I’ve gone from hater of all things squash to an insatiable fan of pumpkin.

I stood front freakin’ row at a concert.

Death Cab For Cutie

I cleaned. Err, more like I tidied.

I slept in.

And I made tutus.

Like seriously, the easiest craft ever.



Soooo, what did you do this weekend?

Do you love or hate pumpkin?

PB Cup Balls & Life Changes

Last night I got mad cravings for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which I always associate with this time of year (i.e. around Halloween).

I contemplated running the whole 150 metres to the grocery store to grab some. But my guilty conscious pulled me back. Oooooooh right, I’m not supposed to be spending money on putting CRAP into my body!

Sugar and multiple syllable things made in a lab? I’ll pass.

I also really didn’t feel like spending the night with a massive lactose-induced tummy ache.

So I broke out the food processor and whipped up my own substitute.

This one is out of the park good!

PB Cup Balls

Gluten- and dairy-free. Pretty sure this is what a PB cup would taste like if you smashed it and rolled it into a tasty little ball.

1/2 cup of peanut butter
5 tbsp pure maple syrup
3 heaping tbsp coconut flour
1/4 cup of cocoa nibs (or dairy-free chocolate chips)

Put the first three ingredients together in a mini food processor. Grind until consistency is smooth and dough-like. Add in cocoa nibs. Chop until chips are small chunks.

Scoop out dough with a spoon and shape into small balls with hands. Makes 6-8 small balls. Place on plate and freeze for 1/2 hour. Serve.

Friggin’ yum!


I’m in the midst of contemplating a big, big life change. It’s been on my brain for awhile because I’m just not happy where I am right now. I’ve been really unhappy in my career for sometime, which I decided to deal with by going back to school. I’m also unhappy living where I live. With my brother moving up to Dawson Creek, a town up north, it really got me thinking if maybe I just need a huge change of scenery.

We shall see. Moving wouldn’t be cheap. I also know that if I moved it would make it a whole lot easier to pursue the career I ultimately want to do. That makes me think that I should really just do it. And do it now while I have the chance.

It also means going somewhere I don’t know anyone, that’s really far away from my family, and having to completely start fresh. But I did that a couple years ago when I moved up north, and it was the best experience of my life.

What do you think… Is the financial cost worth completely changing my life and starting fresh in a new place? Anyone else been in my position before?

It does mean I can’t buy this:

Boo. 😦

99 Problems & My Toe is One

When I started training for a half-marathon, I knew my body would take a bit of a beating over the course of my training.

What I didn’t know about were all the “runner’s problems” that could possibly happen to my body. Little nuisances I’d never even heard of!

Blisters. In places you never thought you could get them. Like under your toenails… WTF?!

Chafing. I’ve got a poppin’ booty, but never did I ever think I could chafe in my bootay crevasses.

Apparently this is actually a common phenomenon amongst runners – I looked into it, and I got A LOT of results via Google. But it really seems to be an elephant in the room… I guess runners don’t really like to talk about it.

Well, I have no shame. I work in health care, and there is a proven correlation between my line of work and my lack of shame. So, allow me to discuss.

When getting out of my ice bath after Saturday’s long run, I discovered that I had a boo-boo to my bootay.

Not my butt… It’s J.Lo’s. Source.

Apparently chafing between the cheeks is quite common. I mean, over the course of a 2 or more hour run, it’s pretty likely your cheeks will rub together at some point. I get it.

But, chafing in the booty undercarriage?! How does that even happen?! Has that, by any chance, happened to anyone else out there?

Losing toenails.

I’m in the process of losing one. It’s about halfway separated. I’m trying to use my nursing superpowers to keep from losing the whole nail.

Nursing Superpowers = Band-Aids

Let’s be realistic here. These really are minor injuries, not anything to deter me from continuing with marathon training. In fact, in a sick and twisted way, these things sort of make me feel “hardcore.” But since I’m fairly new to this whole long-distance training thing, I’m just curious… Has anyone else experienced any interesting running related boo-boos?