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Cherry Sweet Tequila

If you weren’t aware, yesterday was the official first day of summer in B.C.

I live right by the road leading to one of the top summer destinations in the area. This means, the first day I have to start taking backroads to get home… Holy traffic jams!!

Since it’s the weekend, and since I can’t handle driving in traffic, it’s time to break out the icey cold summer drinks to cool down.


Cherry Sweet Tequila
Serves one, two, three, floor…

  • 1 shot of tequila (I used SkinnyGirl margarita, ’cause it was in my fridge.)
  • “Splashes” of pure orange juice, or roughly 1/2 a cup
  • 4-6 frozen cherries
  • Ice

Blend. Adjust ingredients to desired consistency. Then serve. Or drink it yourself, and giggle because it only takes one drink to get you tipsy. You’re such a lightweight…


Here’s the thing with girly drinks… I like ’em. But I don’t like drinking something that tastes like pure sugar. This was perfect ’cause it simply tasted like tequila and fruit.

Tequila and fruit… Sounds like summer to me!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, I drank it out of a wine glass. Does it make me classier?!

Today’s another warm one, and I’m thinking iced coffee + sun roof open + running errands is on the agenda.

This is the view from my patio this morning. So exciting to see sunshine! Hope you’re all enjoying the sun! (Or staying cool.)