PB Cup Balls & Life Changes

Last night I got mad cravings for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which I always associate with this time of year (i.e. around Halloween).

I contemplated running the whole 150 metres to the grocery store to grab some. But my guilty conscious pulled me back. Oooooooh right, I’m not supposed to be spending money on putting CRAP into my body!

Sugar and multiple syllable things made in a lab? I’ll pass.

I also really didn’t feel like spending the night with a massive lactose-induced tummy ache.

So I broke out the food processor and whipped up my own substitute.

This one is out of the park good!

PB Cup Balls

Gluten- and dairy-free. Pretty sure this is what a PB cup would taste like if you smashed it and rolled it into a tasty little ball.

1/2 cup of peanut butter
5 tbsp pure maple syrup
3 heaping tbsp coconut flour
1/4 cup of cocoa nibs (or dairy-free chocolate chips)

Put the first three ingredients together in a mini food processor. Grind until consistency is smooth and dough-like. Add in cocoa nibs. Chop until chips are small chunks.

Scoop out dough with a spoon and shape into small balls with hands. Makes 6-8 small balls. Place on plate and freeze for 1/2 hour. Serve.

Friggin’ yum!


I’m in the midst of contemplating a big, big life change. It’s been on my brain for awhile because I’m just not happy where I am right now. I’ve been really unhappy in my career for sometime, which I decided to deal with by going back to school. I’m also unhappy living where I live. With my brother moving up to Dawson Creek, a town up north, it really got me thinking if maybe I just need a huge change of scenery.

We shall see. Moving wouldn’t be cheap. I also know that if I moved it would make it a whole lot easier to pursue the career I ultimately want to do. That makes me think that I should really just do it. And do it now while I have the chance.

It also means going somewhere I don’t know anyone, that’s really far away from my family, and having to completely start fresh. But I did that a couple years ago when I moved up north, and it was the best experience of my life.

What do you think… Is the financial cost worth completely changing my life and starting fresh in a new place? Anyone else been in my position before?

It does mean I can’t buy this:

Boo. 😦


5 responses to “PB Cup Balls & Life Changes

  1. I feel completely the same way about the career thing. I am not happy at my current job, but going back to school would mean going into debt….its such a hard decision. ALSO I want to move! Colorado or somewhere more outdoorsy!

    • Aww, well I hope we both find our happy jobs soon! I know it’s not enjoyable when you’re not happy at work. And Colorado would be amazing! I’ve always thought if I ever moved to the states, that’s exactly where I’d go! Such beautiful scenery, and so much to do outdoors!

  2. How interesting your brother is moving to Dawson Creek! That’s really close to where I grew up and Eric lived there for a year in college so I know the city well 🙂 Where up north did you live before?? (or are you talking Kamloops, which, excuse me is NOT up north 😛 :P)

    Looking forward to following you along on your journey to a fresh start. I think if you’re NOT happy than now is the time to change things! Life is too short!

    Oh and I REALLY wanted to buy that last week when it showed up in my inbox also. I resisted. So far anyways….

    • Ahahaha, I know Kamloops isn’t “up north.” Even if it feels like it in the winter!!!

      Wow, you grew up close to Dawson?! That’s interesting! I’ve never been up there, only heard about it from friends that have lived up there. I used to live in Prince Rupert… That was my “northern” experience! But I’m excited for my brother! There are better opportunities to make better money out there than in the Fraser Valley in his trade.

      • OK yes, Prince Rupert can be considered north. Lol 🙂 I’ve never been there!

        Yes I grew up in Fort St. John which is about an hour away from Dawson, and then I went to college in Grande Prairie which is about 1.5 hours the other way. Dawson is a really small city but nice. The peace country is pretty. There is definitely more, better paying jobs for trades people up there!

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