Ch- Ch- Changes!

Change #1: This past weekend I made a change from blonde back to my natural hair colour.

I’m not sure I dig it quite yet. But I know it’s the best decision financially. Keeping up the blonde on hair that grows like a weed is expensive!

Speaking of “expensive” things…

Change #2: I’m going to be going back to school soon. Things aren’t completely set in stone at this time and I’m still looking at a variety of options, but I have been accepted. So, I will for sure be returning to the world of academia this winter, it’s just a matter of where exactly. My hope is to be able to return full-time (minimum of three courses), but that may mean having to make some even bigger and much more complex life changes than just colouring my hair!

To be honest, I have a lot of anxiety, doubt, and apprehension around my decision to return to school. It’s a huge commitment of time and money, and years of my life to get to where I want to go. And there’s a huge part of me that feels as though I’m 24 and I’m getting too old. I don’t know how that’s a rational thought, but I think seeing everyone else my age being happy in their careers and starting to settle down is making me feel as though I should be doing that too.

But here’s the thing… I’m not happy in my career. Sure, it pays the bills, but it hasn’t fulfilled me in the ways I’d hoped. I thought I could find a way to be happy in this career. I thought it could challenge me enough. But it just doesn’t. It’s a shame that I knew a few years ago, in the midst of my degree, that this wasn’t the right place for me. But it was close enough for me to keep going and finish. I don’t regret my degree or the path I’ve taken for a second because ultimately it’s leading me to where I need to be.

I have been just reading this quote over and over, trying to remind myself:

“Follow your passion, follow your dreams, and the things you need will come.” – Elizabeth Taylor

Change #3: I have plans to change the name of this blog. As much as I thought the name “Eats, Sweats, Peas” was cute when I was just starting (a whole two months ago), it doesn’t fit where I want to go with this little blog. I love to eat, and I enjoy sweating, but there’s more I want to share. I want something broader. So expect to see a change of name pretty quick here. 🙂


Now, onto something of a much more serious matter… (Not really.)

The Rooms

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a roommate who happens to be my brother.

Living with him is easy. I know what to expect because, well, we’ve been there, done that for many years prior!

He keeps the kitchen clean and on occassion he makes dinner. He does his own laundry, and has even graciously driven for me so I could enjoy wine with some friends! I really can’t complain!

But, when I went to my hair appointment this past weekend, the hairdresser (who happens to do both mine and my brother’s hair) informed me that he told her I am “messy.”

Say what???

I guess the two whole days I was feeling under the weather last week and didn’t pick my mugs up off the coffee table officially made me the “messy one” in this household.

So, the ultimate sibling war stands… Who’s really the messy one?!

I took those pictures because I was planning to show them to said hairdresser. You know, get the truth out there! But after contemplating it, I realized it’s not a big deal and definitely doesn’t warrant risking this hairdresser running her mouth (again) and starting a real sibling fight. I love my brother to pieces and enjoy having him as a roommate. Plus, we all know who the messy one really is!


Have you ever changed your blog name? What prompted the name change?


2 responses to “Ch- Ch- Changes!

  1. Love love love the hair and you are never too old to go back to school (and seriously, 24 isn’t old!)
    As for the hairdresser, that isn’t very nice of her to say that to you, he was probably kidding when he said it, you did the smart thing not saying anything but thanks for sharing the photos, its pretty funny 🙂

  2. I like your hair dark! Did you do something to lighten your eyebrows when your hair was blonde? They looked natural with your blonde hair.

    Also, I just started an MBA this semester and I am very nervous too. I didn’t love school the first time around, but I’m trying to get more into it this time.

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